Seventh Annual General Meeting Held On 10th November 2003

Those present.
John Landamore, Kathy Landamore, Tony Sadler, Roy Blower, Phillip Baldwin, Richard Bland and Colin Tovell.

1. Welcome.
John welcomed FONCY supporters to the seventh AGM.

There was a special welcome for Paul Standley who had travelled from Cologne to attend the meeting. John also welcome members of staff from the football club that included, Nigel Worthington, Doug Livermore, Barry Skipper, Andrew Cullen and Kevan Platt. While from The Academy John welcomed Sammy Morgan, Ricky Martin, Colin Watts, Albert Cadmore and Arthur Bowles.

2. Apologies.
Neil Doncaster who was attending a meeting in London sent his apologies. There were also apologies from several supporters.

FONCY Committee
The FONCY Committee

Summer Tournaments
Lyngby Cup Finalists
3. Minutes from sixth AGM.
There were no matters arising.

4. Chairman's report.
Two years ago I reported that we had raised over 100,000 since FONCY was formed in 1996. Last year, in what was the football clubs centenary year, FONCY had its best ever year with over 31,000 being donated. This year would always be difficult to follow the last two, however I am not going to steal Tony's thunder as I think you will be pleasantly surprised when Tony reads this years accounts.

Aside from our fund raising activities, there has been some dramatic developments on the pitch with three young players making their first team debuts to join last Saturdays two goal hero Ian Henderson. Jason Shackell, Dean Sinclair and of course City's youngest ever player Ryan Jarvis all made their debuts for the first team, and it would be inappropriate not to mention Big Joe who this week is on international duty with England who face Switzerland at Bristol.

I am proud to say that because of the generosity of our supporters FONCY has made a contribution to the footballing education of these young players.
Once again we have been active in sponsoring summer tournaments. The Northern Ireland Milk Cup, while two age groups travelled to Denmark with one group fighting their way into the final of the KB Cup in Copenhagen. The under 19's also travelled to Denmark where they too reached the final of their competition, this time the Lyngby Cup.
Added to this and with the fantastic support of Peachman Refrigeration and Eyre Of NorwichPeachman Refrigeration and Eyre Of Norwich we were once again in a position to pay for all Under-19 away travel.
And thanks to our supporters we were able to purchase heart moniters for all the members of the under 19 squad.

I spoke last year of our intention to launch our own web site. went on line at the beginning of the year and I am delighted that our webmaster Paul has travelled from Germany to be with us tonight. Not only was Paul instrumental along with Richard and myself in putting the site together, but he is also the sponsor.
Paul has put together a report on the site.

Travel Sponsorship 2003 Presentation
Travel Sponsorship 2003 Presentation

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank Paul for what has been a tremendous effort on his part.

In his report Paul mentioned the word unique and that is interesting because while I am extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve over the past seven years other football clubs will no doubt have such groups who raise funds for their youth departments. However one Sunday morning last season Sammy introduced Phillip and myself to Steve Heskey. Steve is from the F.A. with particular interest in The Academy. After a long discussion in which I told him all about FONCY, he confirmed that other clubs did in fact have fund raising groups, but he has never come across another group on the same scale as FONCY in what it has raised in funds and the support it lends to its Academy. It does seem possible that FONCY is unique in football.

This brings me almost to the end of my report but before I finish I would like to compliment and at the same time thank a few people.

Firstly the committee who once again have supported me throughout the year and I feel sure the other members of the committee will not mind if I make special mention to our treasurer Tony who put in a great many hours to find us a new bank account that gives us a far better return on our investments.

Open Day Report
Another Open Day Auction Item
A special mention for Richard who has the uncanny knack of turning anything he might find lying around into a profitable auction item. And despite a stay in hospital just last month I must mention Kathy who has managed to keep me on my toes.

I would like to compliment Sammy and all the coaching staff at Colney, plus of course Nigel Worthington who has always maintained that if a player was good enough then the question of age did not come into it. Finally the Board Of Directors who five years ago had the courage of their convictions to go down The Academy road when it would have been less expensive to run a Centre Of Excellence. However our young players would then not been playing against the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea or West Ham. And it is because of The Board's commitment that we can now all sit back in our seats of a Saturday afternoon and admire the skills of Hendo, Jarv and co.

5. Treasurers report.
Tony read through the accounts for last year, which were once again kindly prepared for us by John Warren of Quinney & Co. of Reepham.
For details of the accounts please see separate sheet.

At the end of his report Tony complimented John and the rest of the committee for the magnificent efforts, which now takes the total raised by FONCY in just seven years to over 166,000.
Colin thanked Tony for his sterling work during the year.
There were no questions for Tony on his report and it was proposed and seconded that the accounts be adopted. John echoed Colin's remarks and thanked Tony for his efforts in another record-breaking year.

6. Election of officers.
All four officers agreed to stand for a further term. This was proposed and seconded.

7. Election of three committee members.
All three committee members agreed to stand for a further term. This was proposed and seconded.

8. Any other business.

Sammy Morgan expressed his thanks and that of the football club to FONCY for yet another tremendous year of support. Sammy complimented Paul on the web site saying how much the players themselves enjoyed it. Sammy said that for the boys to come through the ranks then it is a team effort and he insisted that FONCY is a part of that team.

John held up two T-shirts that had been presented to FONCY by Ricky Martin. These had been signed by the two teams that went to Denmark. The committee felt that under the circumstances that these two items should be handed over to The Historical Trust for safe keeping and John presented them to James Woodrow from the trust. Colin brought the meeting to an end by thanking John for his efforts insisting that Norwich City Football Club is so fortunate to have someone so dedicated to youth football, and while we all assist John, without him all this money would not be raised for the Academy.