FONCY Website
"Annual Report" - 2004

Having launched in January 2003, this is the second report on the FONCY website.

The second year has very much been a year of consolidation for the website. Minor improvements have been made to the layout, but generally we have concentrated on maintaining an interesting and up-to-date content.

John's photography provides high quality action shots from matches and good contact with Colney and The Academy League means we are generally current with all the news and statistics from the Academy.

We have also continued to provide special reports on tournaments abroad and other activities, which would not be possible without Ricky Martin's support and encouragement.

Ken Adey and Paul Standley

Academy Education Officer Ken Adey and FONCY Webmaster Paul Standley at the Lohne Youth Tournament in Germany

The club has helped advertise the site in the matchday programme and on the new advertising boards around Colney. This together with various links and a good search-engine presence has increased our average daily visits from 50 a year ago, to over 100 real visitors a day currently. We would seem to have established ourselves as a source of information for parents and Norwich and opposition Academy fans alike.

The hosting and web address costs are now around 75 a year and are currently paid for by your webmaster. continue to provide a good hosting service.

The website lives from being up-to-date and that is only possible due to the help several people: Andy Blofeld at Colney is always helpful and Richard Bland and Michael Fields have helped throughout the year. Ricky Martin is a pleasure to work with. By far and away the most input to the site is provided by John Landamore and as we noticed during his recent vacation, without him the site would only be half as interesting. Thanks, John!

We continue to have ideas for the future and having set the basis will look to develop the site further as time allows. We would be grateful to receive any feedback on the site and any ideas for site content and improvements. Our main aim will continue to be to increase awareness of both the Norwich City Academy and FONCY via an up-to-date website.

Paul Standley
FONCY Webmaster
November 2004