Ninth Annual General Meeting Held On 16th January 2006

1. Welcome.
The Chairman welcomed all FONCY supporters and NCFC staff present.

2. Apologies.
The Chairman reported that apologies had been received from Roger Munby, David Williams and Danny Laws and several FONCY supporters.

3. Minutes from the eighth AGM.
There were no matters arising from the eighth AGM.

4. Chairman's report.
I am delighted to report that the past year has once again been a successful one as far as FONCY is concerned. We have continued to enjoy fantastic support from the fans who have again demonstrated the important role they believe The Academy plays at the club.

FONCY Committee

The FONCY Committee at the AGM
The FONCY Stall

The FONCY Stall on Open Day
That role was highlighted just two weeks ago when not only did Rossi Jarvis sign his first professional contract but he later made his first senior start. That game against West Ham also marked the debut of two other Academy scholars in the shape of Michael Spillane and Andrew Cave-Brown.

Whatever I might say tonight it cannot take away the importance of that last sentence because that is what we are all here to strive for, and that is to produce young players who will go on to play for the first team. I would like to offer on behalf of the committee our congratulations to Rossi and wish him all the very best in his career at Norwich City.

Fundraising over the past year has followed a very well tried and tested format.

The FONCY Auction and Open Day was the best ever as far as fund raising was concerned and there are a few people who I need to thank for making the day such a success.
Firstly Terry Postle who pulled out all the stops to provide us with boxes and boxes of old training kit that once we had sorted through in Richard's garage sold on the day for over 2,000. Terry again did us proud with a full set of away shirts that were signed and along with various other items that we had collected raised over 3,500.

The Open Day, whilst enjoyable, can also be very hectic and it certainly could not be done without the help of the following people: Kathy, Richard, Phillip, my daughter Sharon, son-in-law Darrynn, Judy Trivett and Myra Hawtree who were all on hand to help man the stand.

Of course the most important person on the day is the auctioneer and we have been fortunate ever since we started the FONCY auction to have the services of Ken Ewing. There is no doubt that his humour and enthusiasm makes the auction the success that it is.
McKenzie Shirt

Auctioneer Ken Ewing in action
The committee felt that we would like to offer Ken a gift for his services and so you will see when Tony reads the accounts that there is the cost of 4 VIP tickets for the Inter Milan game, these were for Ken and his family.

The Open Day has now become a joint venture between us and the clubs Historical Trust and we are delighted to be part of what we feel is a very important part of Norwich City Football Club.

Once again the spring raffle continues to be a good source of raising funds although we did not reach the dizzy heights of the previous season we were never the less delighted with almost 6,500.

For the first time in several seasons we were unable to fill the Super Bond page although with just the one space still available we feel confident we can attract a new sponsor for next season. The page also contains our two travel sponsors Peachman Refrigeration and Eyre Of Norwich. We are delighted that their support has continued for another year.

Norhalne Tournament

The Under-13 Norhalne Cup winning team in Denmark
For the first time in a number of years outgoings have been greater than the money we have received. Tournaments both in this country and in Europe continue to be one of our main activities with teams travelling to Germany, Holland, Denmark and France throughout the year, indeed just yesterday Ricky was in Germany with the U11's competing in an indoor competition.

Coach travel for the U16's and U18's continues to be funded by FONCY and this season our coach operator Dolphin Travel did us proud when they provided us with a top line executive coach.

Equipment again was a high priority and at the request of Dave Carolan we have recently purchased some state of the art timing gates that will not only be of great value to The Academy but will be of immense value to all the playing and coaching staff at the club.

The success we enjoy with continues to grow and while Paul would have you believe that the success it enjoys is down to my input, I firmly believe it his dedication that makes the site what it is.

Paul has produced an annual report that he will read to you. Please see attached sheet.

The chaiman thanked Paul for his efforts over the past year.

As we are now into our tenth year we continue to move forward and look for additional ways that we can support The Academy.

Overijse Tournament

And the Under-14s in Overijse, Belgium
For the current campaign we have undertaken to sponsor not only U16 and U18 travel on Saturdays but also to sponsor Sunday travel for the younger age groups. This is a significant undertaking and I believe that travel costs to us will treble, therefore we will be actively seeking additional sponsors for next season.

Tony will doubtless tell you what the running total is as far as funds raised by FONCY is, but I should just congratulate Colin Tovell and The Ambassadors and Roy Blower and NCISA, because at a very rough estimate I believe the sum raised by the three organisations is close to 400,000. That is quite amazing and can there be any other club in the country that enjoys this type of support from its fans for its youth development?

Finally my thanks to the committee who have again supported me throughout the year and the success FONCY enjoys is a clear reflection on their efforts.

5. Treasurers report.
The Treasurer read through the accounts for the past year. Please see attached sheet.

These were adopted by those present.

The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for his efforts throughout the year.

6. Election of officers.
The four officers of the committee all agreed to stand for a further term. This was proposed and seconded.

7. Election of three committee members.
The three committee members all agreed to stand for a further term. This proposed and seconded.

8. Any Other Business.
Academy Manager Ricky Martin expressed his gratitude to the committee and its supporters for their efforts and congratulated them on another successful year.

Ricky said that the year had ended with Michael Spillane becoming the clubs youngest ever player to play in the F.A.Cup while the U11's had just returned from a tournament in Germany where Angus Gunn at 9 1/2 had become the youngest player ever to compete for the club overseas.