FONCY Website
"Annual Report" - 2006

Having launched in January 2003, this is the now the fourth report on the FONCY website.

Again we have generally continued with our tried and trusted formula, maintaining an informative and up-to-date website content. I do have more ideas to increase content and develop the site but currently other commitments have limited the time I have available to support this.

Our average daily visits continue to increase with 2006 seeing between 250 and 300 visits per day depending on the time of year. With more Academy youngsters coming from further a field we are happy to know that we are regularly visited by relatives of our "Irish and Scottish connection".

WebSite Sponsors

Website Sponsor - W.J.Hart & Sons

I would like to thank John Landamore for all his photography, match reports and other input - without his contribution we simply wouldn't have an interesting website. I would also like to thank Ricky Martin for his support and encouragement and of course our website sponsors W.J. Hart & Sons for covering our annual running costs.

This year I look forward to continuing this enjoyable hobby and working with John and the Academy staff on all the various aspects of the website and FONCY. Particularly I hope we can present some more interesting interviews following the excellent one with Colin Watts recently and of course on a personal note I look forward to the European tournaments!

Paul Standley
FONCY Webmaster
January 2007