Eleventh Annual General Meeting Held On 19th November 2007

FONCY Committee

The FONCY Committee
1. Welcome.
The chairman welcomed all supporters and club officials.

2. Apologies.
These were received from Kathy Landamore and Roy Blower from the committee. Ricky Martin, Dean Rastrick Roger Munby, Neil Doncaster, the senior coaching staff and Bert Cadmore from the football club.

3. Minutes from the tenth AGM.
There were no matters arising from these minutes.

4. Chairman's report.
With a few new faces at this yearís AGM I would like to start my report by outlining how FONCY first came into being and what we are all about.
The idea to form FONCY came in the autumn of 1995 after I was summoned to meet the clubs Chief Executive Gordon Bennett. Gordon invited me to form FONCY informing me that he had set up a similar organisation at Bristol Rovers some years earlier and to his knowledge that was still running.

Incidentally it was good to hear that Gordon is fit and well after Richard caught up with him at Plymouth two weeks ago. Something tells me that some poor unsuspecting Pilgrim supporter has probably heard the same story I was told 12 years ago and there is a Friends Of Plymouth Argyle Youth in existence, although FOPAY has not got quite the same ring about it as FONCY.
FONCY was formed with but one aim in mind and that still exists today, and that it is to raise funds by various means to then in turn use that money to support what was then the Youth Department and is now of course The Academy. Twelve years ago nobody had any ideas just how the fans would support us or how successful our fund raising activates would be. Needless to say when we sat hear at our tenth AGM last season and I reported that FONCY had now raised over £250,000 for The Academy it became all to clear how important the fans of NCFC regard The Academy.

Two or three years ago Phillip and I were introduced to Steve Heskey from the F.A. I suggested to him that we were not the only supporterís base group who raise funds for their Academy, this he said was true but what makes FONCY quite unique is the amount of money that we have raised.

Gordon Bennett

Gordon Bennett
Gordonís idea was for FONCY to use its funds on selected items that the club back in 1995 was unable to provide, you may well ask then why does FONCY pay for all Academy travel because clearly this is something the club should provide. This came about because the committee felt the U18s needed something a little more comfortable to travel to away games in than the old Renault minibus that Keith Webb was having to drive to away games in, and so with support of Duffields Of East Anglia and Banham Poultry and then later Peachman Refrigeration and Eyres Of Norwich we were able to provide something more suitable supplied by Dolphin Travel and now in the last couple of years Dolphin has provided us with modern up to date transport that I know the lads appreciate travelling in.
Team talk in Lohne, Germany

Team talk in Lohne, Germany
Tournaments both in this country and abroad have been supported by us and indeed other organisations have stepped in from time to time to send teams of various age groups to Denmark, Germany, France and Holland over the years, and while some people might ask the question how does this benefit The Academy then you only have to talk to Ricky or Dean to see how much they learn about the lads and when they get them away from Colney for a few days and how much the lads learn from playing continental opposition.

Much of the equipment used around The Academy has been brought by FONCY this includes almost all the equipment in the dome including the state of the art timing gates which are used not only by The Academy but also by the first team, although we did manage to convince the club that they needed to come on board and share the costs.
That then is a brief rundown on FONCY so now onto the report for the past year.

There is no doubt that our success is measured by the success created by the first team and so when Tony reads through the accounts in a few moments you will see that for the past year our income has fallen for a second consecutive year. Never the less our three main funds rising activates, Super Bonds, The Spring Raffle and The Open day continue to be successful.

Last season we did not sell all the allocated Super Bonds but if you care to glance in the current programme you will see that every space has been sold for the current campaign. I would like to thank those people who have been with us for a number of years and welcome those people who have come on board this season.

The Spring Raffle has owed much of its success over the years to players such as Darren Huckerby who put their names forward to have dinner with two lucky winners at Fatso's in Norwich. Last year Delia Smith played host to two lucky people at a first team game while in this years raffle it is The Chairman Roger Munby who will be entertaining our winners Glenda and Harry Gatward at the Coventry City game this Saturday. I cannot imagine for one moment any other club where supporters have the opportunity to win such prizes.
Not only is the Open Day one of our main fund raising activates it is also one that is enjoyed by everyone who takes part. It would be remiss of me not to thank all those people who helped out on the day especially when you consider that Kathy and I were away on a bit of a jolly at Brands Hatch and missed the event, something Richard reminds us of constantly.

So thanks to Richard, Phillip and Colin, plus Myra, Judy and her husband Mike. I must not forget my daughter Sharon and her husband Darrynn while the two grandchildren Hannah and Lewis kept the crowds in check.

Of course the event would be nothing without the Norwich city kit man Terry Postle who supplies all the old training kit that goes down so well and last and by certainly no means least a special thank you to our auctioneer Ken Ewing who has made the event what it is over the past 7 or 8 years.


FONCY Stall at the 2007 Open Day
One member of the committee who cannot be with us today is our web master Paul Standley. Normally it would be difficult for Paul to get here living as he does in Cologne but this year it is even more difficult as he is currently recovering from a knee operation that took place last Friday and is currently being nursed back to health by his good lady Claudia, sounds like it is the turn of Paul to enjoy something of a jolly. Despite being in considerable pain Paul has put together a web site report that I will now read through. Please see attached sheet.

I think Paul has said enough about the site for you to appreciate how important it has become to FONCY and I would like to thank Paul for the tremendous job that he does. Paul also attends most overseas tournaments not only to cover the event for the web site but also to help out especially with any language problems, and at our last FONCY committee meeting Dean said that Paul is invaluable on these trips.
Action from the Megacard Cup Final

Action from the Megacard Cup Final
As I said earlier much of the money that we raise goes towards tournaments and that has been the case this year. One of which I would like to bring to your attention and that is the Megacard Cup in Vienna that the U16s attended back in the summer. This was a very high profile event with several top European sides.

Nevertheless the Canaries did themselves proud by first sharing the points with Spartak Moscow before beating both Borussia Dortmund and the hosts and last years winners Austria Vienna. They played Hertha Berlin in the final and it needed a hotly disputed penalty to give the German side victory.

Just as FONCY has but one aim then that also applies to The Academy whose sole purpose is to produce young players who will in turn play for the first team. Norwich City Football Club Academy has a fine reputation in doing just that and last year was no exception.
Patrick Bexfield and Steve Arnold both joined the professional ranks as did Bally Smart who went onto make his first team debut, and is now currently on loan at M.K Dons where he is gaining invaluable first team experience.

Although still a scholar Kris Renton rewrote the history books when he became Norwich Cityís youngest ever player beating the record previously held by Ryan Jarvis by just 8 days. Sadly for Kris he had the misfortune to break his leg at Chelsea earlier this year and is likely to be sidelined for most if not all of the remainder of the season, never the less he has done enough to suggest that he is a real prospect for the future. Both Kris and first year scholar Nick Davey who is recovering from a broken bone in his foot were present at the meeting and those present wished both players a full and speedy recovery.

I would just like to complete my report by thanking all those who have supported us not only over the past 12 months but in many cases over the past 12 years. That also goes for this committee who I know consider the work they do for FONCY is indeed a labour of love.

5. Treasurers report.
Tony read through the accounts for the past year which have been audited by John Warren of Quinney & Co. Please see attached sheet.
These accounts were adopted by those present. John thanked Tony for his report.

6. Election of officers.
The four officers of the committee all agreed to stand for a further term. This was proposed and seconded.

7. Election of three committee members.
The three committee members all agreed to stand for a further term, this was proposed and seconded.
8. Any Other Business.
John reported that one supporter who was unable to make the AGM was Academy landlady Fiona Johnson. Not only is Fiona the landlady for Kris Renton but her son is also in The Academy.

You may remember that Fiona came up with a novel way to raise funds for FONCY by selling cakes on Sunday Academy games. In her absence at the AGM Fiona did the next best thing and sent along a tray of cakes that went down very well during the half time interval.

Colin Watts said on behalf of The Academy how much he would like to thank FONCY for all they have done over the past 12 years. Colin said that it is great credit to the committee that they have continue this great work for for such a long time.
The fundraising parents of the Under-9's

The fundraising parents of the Under-9's
Kevan Platt completed the meeting by saying that FONCY is quite unique. Although other clubs will have similar groups none of them will have the same involvement or the same trust that the club gives to FONCY. We would like to think that the past 12 years are the first of many to come and there are no reasons why FONCY cannot continue to benefit the Academy players at Norwich City Football Club.