FONCY Website
"Annual Report" - 2007
Having launched in January 2003, this is the now remarkably the fifth report on the FONCY website.

Again we have generally continued with our tried and trusted formula, maintaining an informative and up-to-date website content.

Following John Landamore's investment in a new camera we have been able to offer much clearer and larger action photos on the site, with the quality of action captured just as good as before.

This season the reporting team has been joined by Rob Maynard who is able to cover games in and around London for us.

Webmaster Paul Standley with Dean Rastrick

Webmaster Paul Standley with Dean Rastrick
Our average daily visits continue to increase with 2007seeing over 300 visits per day during the season. A great advert for FONCY and the Academy.

I would like to thank John for his reporting, photography and other input - without his contribution we simply wouldn’t have an interesting website and Rob is also now becoming an increasingly important part of the web team. Richard Bland, Judy Trivett and Philip Baldwin have also helped out at times – many thanks to all. I would also like to thank our website sponsors W.J. Hart & Sons for their continued support.

Finally, living abroad, one of the most enjoyable parts of my "job" is joining the Academy trips abroad to report on them – and help out where I can. Ricky Martin, Dean Rastrick and the other staff on these trips always make me very welcome and the experience is much more enjoyable for that.

For 2008 I look forward to continuing this enjoyable hobby and the contact that it brings for a Norwich fan abroad.

Paul Standley
FONCY Webmaster
November 2007