Twelfth Annual General Meeting Held On 18th November 2008

FONCY Committee

The FONCY AGM in full swing
1. Welcome.
The Chairman welcomed both supporters and club officials.

Before moving on John reminded those present that for a number of years we have supported The Academy when various age groups have travelled to tournaments in Europe.

John pointed out that in some cases results did not go as well as we would have liked but in some cases the team did well. In some cases the team did very very well. This was the case last summer when Ricky Martin and Steve Easto took the under 13's to the Norhalne Cup in Denmark. The team won every game without conceding a goal, including putting 3 past Aalborg and 4 past Brondby in the finals.
John asked everyone to put their hands together as the team complete with the trophy entered the room.

2. Apologies.
These were received from Roger Munby.

3. Minutes from the tenth AGM.
There were no matters arising.

4. Chairman's report.
Since our 11th AGM last November Glen Roeder has handed six Academy scholars professional contracts at the club. These include Declan Rudd, Korey Smith, Damon Lathrope, Luke Daley, Kris Renton and then earlier this month Tom Adeyemi.

What ever I or anyone else may say here tonight this is the most important statistic, this is what we are here for, and while apart from Kris the others have still to break into the first team I believe it shows the manager knows how important the Aacdemy is to Norwich City Football Club and I firmly believe that in the very near future Canary supporters will have a home grown player to cheer on. Who knows one such player could be sitting here with us tonight.

Last year Tony reported that our income for the year had dropped on previous years, well despite the credit crunch I am delighted to report that we are somewhat back on track and Tony will fill you in on all the details shortly.
If we look at our fund raising activities over the past year the one that stands out above all others is the Open Day. This could not take place without the help and support of a great many people, and while I am not going to mention them all individually tonight it would be remiss not to mention Terry Postle.

Without his help and support over many years the Open Day would quite simply not have taken place, I would like to thank him for his fantastic efforts. As you know he is no longer with the football club so I would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the very best for the future.

One or two of our helpers had to have counseling after the Open Day, and you certainly can't blame them for at 1:30pm when the doors opened the sight of 200 plus supporters lead by The Canary Fairy in full regalia charging through The Gunn Club making a beeline for the FONCY stand is enough to make any FONCY helper dive for cover.

The amount of kit that was sold on the stand was just amazing; in fact we sold every single item.

John Landamore with terry Postle

John Landamore with Terry Postle
Once again the Auction was a superb event and again I must thank Ken Ewing for taking charge of proceedings. Needless to say anything connected with Darren Huckerby and Dion Dublin was highly sought after and I must thank both players for donating boots that we had framed and they certainly attracted a great deal of attention.

One other person who has to have a mention concerning the Open Day is Richard. He is probably the driving force behind the event and during the season he is always collecting memorabilia that somehow ends up in the auction. Added to that his garage is a good storage place for the old training kit although it has not gone unnoticed by him that I have a double garage at my new house, I think Kathy was hoping we could use the garage for the car, sorry dear it doesn't look likely.
The Hucks Mug

Hucks and Dion with Coffee Mug
The Super Bonds that have been running in the match day programme for a number of seasons continue to be a good source of income although we have lost a few people this season, having said that we have some new people who have come on board, although we still have 2 or 3 bonds still available.

Like the Super Bonds the spring raffle has been running for a number of seasons and is still a good source of income. We have discussed revamping it for next year as some of the prizes are a little long in the tooth, although we will need to sit down with the club and discuss if there is any unique prizes we can put up for grabs.

Merchandise was again another good source of income with the Dion Dublin and Darren Huckerby mugs not sitting on the shelves to long, no doubt there will be something in offering in the not to distant future as I know one or two fans just can't get enough of the infamous FONCY mug.

When Tony reads this years accounts you will see that once again travel dominates our expenses. Of course the increase in fuel has not helped added to which we still do not have travel sponsors as we had for a number of years.
We do however have 2 new fund raising activities that will help out with these increases in fuel.Both of these came at the suggestion of Ricky Martin and we were quite happy to take them on board and they are proving to be very successful.

The first is a Parent Bond. This is priced at 25 per Academy youngster and the uptake from parents on that was very good and while it does not show up on the accounts as we decided to put it under donations it has exceeded 1000.

The second idea was to produce an Academy programme for U18's game, something we have toyed with for a couple of years but never put into practice until now.
Although it was Ricky's suggestion, those of you who know Richard and his addiction to such things will not be surprised to hear that FONCY well Richard to be precise has taken over production with input from Ricky, Dean Paul Standley and myself.

The end product is first class and something other Academy coaches have commented on when they visit Colney. We would like to thank the 10 individuals who have taken out the 25 centre page adverts and of course Peachman Refrigeration for their entire programme sponsorship.

We believe sales from the programme will bring in around 1,500 per season. Look out for the FONCY programme at the F.A.Youth Cup game against Wigan next month.

FONCY Match Programme

FONCY Match Programme
The web site continues to be a valuable part of FONCY and while Paul who many of you know lives in Cologne cannot be with us tonight he has prepared a web site update that I will run through. Please see attached PDF.

John Landamore

John Landamore
You will note Paul mentioned our southern correspondent Bob. Bob is a West Ham season ticket holder, but we won't hold that against him, some years back however Bob lived and worked in Norwich and so he regards us as his second team.

We are of course very pleased to have him on board and we enjoy his unique style of match reports on the web site.

It just remains for me to thank the committee for yet another tremendous effort over the past 12 months. The success that FONCY enjoys has but 2 ingredients one of which is this committee the other is you the fans, thank you so very much.

5. Treasurers report.
Tony read the accounts that had been prepared by John Warren of Quinney & Co. Please see attached PDF.

Tony pointed out that during the past 12 months FONCY had passed yet another milestone when we passed through the 300,000 barrier. The total sum raised by FONCY since 1996 now stands at 308, 920.89p

6. Election of officers.
The four officers of the committee all agreed to stand for a further term. This was proposed, seconded and agreed.

7. Election of three committee members.
The three committee members all agreed to stand for a further term. This was proposed, seconded and agreed.

8. Any Other Business.
Ricky thanked FONCY for their fantastic continued support. He made the point that he felt one of the reasons for our continued success has been the distinct lack of change, the committee has remained almost unchanged since 1996 and he looked forward to out continued support over the next 12 months.