Thirteenth Annual General Meeting Held On 16th November 2009

1. Welcome.
The Chairman welcomed both FONCY supporters and club officials.

2. Apologies.
These were received from Dean Rastrick, Bert Cadmore and Arthur Bowles from The Academy, and the Chairman reported that he had also received apologies from several FONCY supporters.

3. Minutes from the twelfth AGM.
There were no matters arising from the minutes from the 12th. AGM.

4. Chairman's report.
You will not be surprised when I say that the past 12 months has been a challenging time for FONCY. Not only like many others we are still feeling the effects of the recession, but also the events that unfolded at the end of last season effected us even more, remember less than 24 hours after the defeat at The Valley we had to conduct one of our top fund raising events of the season - the Open Day Auction. You will hear from Tony later that not surprisingly it was not our best ever Open Day.

At the time everyone was desperate for some good news and that came in the shape of Korey Smith who received a fantastic round of applause when he held his shirt up to be auctioned, and here we are just six months later and Korey has been joined by Luke Daly, Tom Adeyemi, David Stephens, George Francombe, Josh Dawkin, Declan Rudd and just last week Dario Dumic, all Academy players who have played for the first team this season. You could in fact compare Academy players to buses, it seems ages waiting for one to come along and all of a sudden eight appear on the scene, not that anyone is complaining.
I remember attending The Academy induction day at Colney in July 2008 and Youth Developement Officer Colin Watts saying that in his opinion this was the best intake he had seen since the likes of Robert Green and Craig Bellamy. Well Colin even you could not have expected what has happened this season.

Ricky Martin and his coaching staff have done an outstanding job with these young players, and I would like to offer my congratulations to Ricky on what he has achieved, and of course all this would not be possible without a manager who is not prepared to give youth a chance. I have heard managers say in the past if they are good enough they are old enough, and then do nothing; Paul Lambert just names them in his starting line up.

Academy to First Team 2009

Academy to First Team 2009 - just like buses
If first team exploits failed to excite last season then the same could not be said for The Academy who finished runners up to Arsenal in the league and had a tremendous F.A.Youth Cup run putting out the likes of Wigan, Stoke and Everton before going out to the holders Manchester City.

Moving onto FONCY matters and as I said earlier it was a challenging year. Nevertheless we have been in a position to continue with our travel sponsorship for all Academy teams as well as supporting various tournaments both in this country and in Europe.

Along with the Open Day, the Super Bond page and the Spring Raffle continue to be our main sources of income but these are supported by smaller fund raising activities, and I would like to highlight two of these.
FONCY Match Programme

FONCY Match Programme
The Academy matchday programme introduced last year after a suggestion by Ricky goes from strength to strength. The publication is edited by Richard and he puts in a tremendous amount of work so much so that we now have subscribers as far afield as Malta.

I must give special thanks to our southern correspondent Bob Maynard. Bob is dare I say a West Ham season ticket holder but having lived and worked in the city a number of years ago Bob regards Norwich as his second team. Through his good friend Tony Fillingham who runs Printline based in Surrey all our programme covers are printed free of charge.

Thanks must also go to our programme sponsors, the 12 young pros who appear on the back cover, also our centre page sponsors and not forgetting William and Georgina Hart who are also of course our web site sponsors.

The next fund raising activity that I want to talk about not only brings in a healthy sum each year but it also keeps the FONCY name well to forefront throughout the season.

I refer of course to The Pink'Un Pups. Now I am not going to spend lots of time explaining how this works but basically Billy Dixon of Dixmar Racing based in Hellesdon puts up £10 out of his own pocket every week and then invites The Pups to forecast football results. The whole idea was started by Ray Ducker who sadly is no longer with us but Eddie has taken on the role with I have to say some enthusiasm.

At a recent cheque presentation when FONCY received £397 Eddie said where would you find a bookmaker who gives you £10 for a bet and then wills you to win. I only live a few hundred yards from Billy’s shop and although my dad was frequent visitor I did explain to Billy that it would be a waste of money me coming in as I don't know one end of a horse from another, not to sure what you meant Billy when you said I was welcomed to pay you a visit any time.
Dixmar Racing Cheque Presentation

Dixmar Racing Cheque Presentation
Most of you know that our web master Paul Standley lives in Germany and whilst he was here at the weekend work commitments didn’t allow him to stay for tonight*s meeting, he has however prepared a report that I will run through. Please see attached PDF.

It is difficult to imagine how we would survive without the web site and I would like to extend my thanks to Paul. As he said it keeps him in touch with everything Norwich City but it does take up some considerable time but for Paul it is a labour of love.
John Landamore

John Landamore
FONCY continues to flourish and the emergence of the young players I mentioned at the beginning only helps our cause for there is nothing the fans like better than home grown talent, long may it continue.

I would like to finish my report by thanking the committee for their support over the past 12 months. No doubt some of you will have read in Chris Lakey’s column in the EDP the tears I had in my eyes when Korey scored his first senior goal back in August against Wycombe.

Well if the truth be known I think there may have been a couple more here on the top table complaining they had something in their eye when that goal went in.

5. Treasurers report.
The Treasurer read through the accounts for the last twelve months that had once again kindly been prepared by John Warren of Quinney & Co of Reepham. Please see attached PDF.

The Treasurer concluded that the total amount now raised by FONCY stands at £330,832. 57p. The accounts were adopted by those present.

6. Election of officers.
The Chairman reported that the four officers of the committee had all agreed to stand for a further term. This was proposed, seconded and agreed.

7. Election of three committee members.
The Chairman reported that the three committee members had also all agreed to stand for a further term. This was proposed, seconded and agreed.

8. Any Other Business.
Academy manager Ricky Martin took the floor to express his and also the clubs gratitude to FONCY and all its supporters.

Ricky pointed out that the U18s trip to Holland at the start of the season had not only been extremely benefitical to all the young players at The Academy, but because he had missed all pre season because of injury it proved to be the springboard for Korey Smith to get back to full fitness, and after returning from Holland he quickly forced his way into the first team squad and of course the rest is history.